‘ Ruil maar eens een week’  – Graduation project – SMO Breda

This project is an illustrative documentary of the stories of ex homeless people in Breda, The Netherlands.
For this project I interviewed several clients of SMO Breda. Talking to these people was a unique experience. At the start the clients were very careful with sharing their stories, but as the conversation progressed the conversation opened up. Some of them were really in depth conversations. I chose to show their stories in a positive way and tried to focus on the dreams and ambitions they had as they all had their own unique stories. The purpose of this project is to show an insight of homelessness and to raise awareness for it.
This project is a collaboration with SMO Breda, Stichting Maatschappelijke Opvang. For more information, check out this artile in the local newspaper Ruil maar eens een week